T. All or nothing, Minzy (originally by

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Poor Daesung was attacked by his Kung Fu Leader

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131212 Happy 24th Birthday, Chef Seungchan!!

ringa linga » complementary colors


My name is T to the A to the E to the Y to the A N G

Don’t stop baby don’t kill my vibe

Because I like how things are going right

Ringa Linga made me cry and idk why haha I’m just so happy Taeyang is making music and his style change is just so fucking sexy ughh! Wow I just love the edgy style on him!

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GD - MichiGO [미치GO] full audio

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G-Dragon - 2nd Album Teaser

"Shake the world. Since I was born..
The fake ones will be caught soon
but the real ones are different.
When people see me, they tell me
that I am the right answer.”

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20130818  Happy Birthday, Kwon Jiyong!